About us

We are second year students from De Montfort University's Game Art Design course, working at a contest entry for CryTek's Off the Map-contest.

Heidi Cornelia is the team leader! She 3D models in her sleep. She is from Warrington and wants to be a 3D artist forever. This is her blog here

Liam McGlone is from Hull in England. He is Lead Technical Artist. He is interested in Vehicles and hopes to Work on them as a job in the Industry. This is His Blog Here.

James Teeple is from Suffolk in England, but his origins take him back to the west coast USA. He is Art lead along with Kat. He loves 3D and traditional sculpture and hopes for a career as a character/ creature artist. Here is his blog 

Jimi McGowan is from a little town called kendal. he is going to working as a general artist so he'll be doing a bit of everything. This is his blog here

Nizaam Majothi is from Peterborough, he will also be working on a variety of assets as a general artist, he enjoys hard surface modelling and is considering per-suing it as a career. Also he was raised by wolves. This is his blog.

Katarina Aasgaard Stromsvag is from Norway. She is art lead along with James. She has a hard time deciding what she wants to do when she grows up because everyting is so cool. Here's her blog. 

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