Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Minutes 05/03/2013

Everyone was present- except James.

Our discussion consisted of seeing where we were all up to and more importantly checking our progress in engine and how it was looking. Unfortunately The Engine crashed and our files got corrupted. Not too much of a problem as we still had the main layout with the main assets and a few houses in there.We know what we have to do it's just getting it all done now as there's been a few distractions this past week. We're all ready to throw ourselves into this now.

Three members of our group managed to get down to York on Monday To take a look at the shambles and check out the architecture from the 17th  century period that we're focusing on. It was important to go there and get a feel of what it was like in that period and how compact and cramped everything actually was. It was so interesting to feel what it would've been like and how crooked and small the roads were.

 It was great reference and we all took some interesting photos. Also was really useful to get texture ref as well as the overall shape of the buildings. I got a lot that I'm using right now to try out on my gateway such as medieval  signs symbols and windows.

This week we need to texture our assets and finish getting everything in engine. By next week we'll be helping each other out finishing the large assets and start assigning smaller assets that Liam has already made a start on.

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