Thursday, 14 March 2013

Minutes 12/03/2013

Everyone was present- except Nizaam (due to travel expenses)

In today's meeting we found out where everyone was up to with their assets and our layout in engine. Jimmi and Liam are making great progress with the modular pieces and are nearly done texturing the set. After discussion and advice from a previous student, we found that assembling the house and buildings in Max and exporting them would reduce the frame rate in engine.

Kats cathedral is taking time as it's the largest asset in the level. She's making progress with the textures after unwrapping the majority of the model. Taking reference from stained glass windows and relevant brick textures.

Nizaam has been working on how to approach texturing the bridge entrance by making the model into efficient pieces that he can duplicate and re use, saving time in the long run.

James has just finished his model of the tavern, he's creating the courtyard that went around the back , as there's not a lot of reference for this, it took some time for him to work out so he's currently unwrapping.

I've just finished texturing the gateway and guardhouse, I understand that this wasn't the biggest asset, and not everyone is going to be at the same level but I'm we're glad that we're getting nearer to finishing pieces ready for engine so we can work on smaller assets that will build the level up. I wanted to finish my model as soon as possible in order to work on other assets on the list.

We're happy with our progress and feel positive about getting the majority of models done by Easter.

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