Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Layout in Engine and Problems...

So I Spent a decent amount of time adding the buildings and assets to the engine yesterday. It was looking pretty good and I was looking forward to taking it into the labs and showing my team mates, that was until it crashed whilst I was saving. I had spent my time trying make sure that I had got a feel for the tight streets and that our main street didn't feel too wide and expansive. The problem occurred as I was saving, it simply crashed and told me that it need to close. Once I had reopened the engine I attempted to open the file I had been working on only to be greeted by a lovely "File may be Corrupted" Message. I was to worried as I had put auto backup on earlier in the day so that if something like this did happen, I could easily revert back to an earlier point, however this has also become corrupted which was a little annoying.

Today I have discussed and planned with Jimi, an efficient way to both work on the tile-able building assets at the same time. This involves us splitting similar elements in separate 3DS Max files because this means that we can both work on them at the same time, he will be unwrapping and preparing for texturing, were as I will be creating LOD's and preparing Collisions. Pretty fun stuff and I hope by the end of the day that I will feel a little more confident with where we are at.

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