Friday, 3 May 2013

Updates and Lighting changes.

So for our presentation on Tuesday we wanted to get more of our smaller assets in the level to flesh out the large open spaces we had. Making sure we had a market and updated the vertex painting and textures on the cathedral was a must. Liam had been playing around with lighting and had fixed it as if it we're early morning.

Also Liam spent some time perfecting the terrain and seeing how you can blend the mud with the cobbles and grass. getting everyone's assets in the level and seeing how it all comes together was important to show in the level. Breaking the space up and having that variation with the buildings was also what we were trying to portray.

So After some much appreciated crit we decided to go back to our original plan to begin with. With some help we managed to get the level looking like it has a lot more atmosphere. With darker lighting and a foggy moonlit sky, the level began to come together and feel like 17th century gloomy London, especially when we got the rain working.

We took some inspiration from a collection of images that had some beautiful weather and lighting

Jimmi began to play around with particle effects as we figured if it were to be a night scene It'd need to be well lit with the right lighting in appropriate places to lead the player around all the right places. Fire was the particle effect we wanted the most,Liam got the flies working to put on assets like the meat and rubbish. Jimmi made some smoke particles that give a nice bit of movement on the rooftops. Also the windows now glow to give it some more atmospheric lighting.

As soon as the skybox was applied we all felt happy that the level was really coming together. The dock is a much larger area now after Kat and liam worked on the scale and structure of it.

We want as much character as we can possibly get which we're finding hard with a deserted environment. Kat made some interesting posters after doing her research on the area. Also Kat's been working on a rat and managed to rig and animate it. We're just currently in the process of figuring out how to import it in, so soon we should have a little movement aswell as the swaying grass.

Right now its a case of assets being finished to give Liam time to put them in and juggle things around until they feel right in the level.

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