Tuesday, 30 April 2013

30/04/13 Minutes

Everyone was present.

We're in a rush to get everything done and ready in the level so we can focus on smaller details at this point. The level is at a satisfactory level but its those smaller details and clutter that are going to add character and life to the level.

Tasks at the minute include mainly smaller assets that are going to really build the level

Heidi- finish 3 rubbish piles, self standing lantern, 4 baked down LOD buildings for bridge and other side.

Jimi- finish tree's, dripping particle effect, grass,decals


Liam- general engine things, sounds, particles, decals, getting everything in.

Niz-finish horse stables,cart, horse stand and lod boat.

James- Finish tavern assets.

Heather looked around our level this week and suggested the dripping particles to push the detail a bit further and also look into having some movement in the level in which case I'm probably going to bake down my washing line so it blows in the wind, Kats in the process of getting an animated rat in the scene. Along with the smoke and fire and rain this should give our level some kind of a lifelike and lived in atmosphere.

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