Monday, 25 February 2013

Todays minutes 25/02/2013

All members were present

Topics discussed

Modular buildings
We talked about Jimmi's new set of modular buildings and 
 the ways in which to approach texturing and also how to make the beams snap together whilst still keeping the uneven and unsturdy architecture.

Scale and proporation
We're working to the scale of centimeters with an average human being at 180cm 

Liam wrote out a document explaining how to the rest of the group can make it easy when it comes to importing in cry engine. We'll also need to do this for exporting textures as cry-tiffs.   
So far this week we have devised a time management plan so we can work to a strict deadline. We realised we'd have more chance of making progress by aiming to get 3d models done by Easter in around 3 weeks time. If we can follow this (excusing minor blips along the way) we'll be all set for adding those finishing touches that will really make the scene realistic and personal.


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