Thursday, 18 April 2013

16th April Easter Update

Minutes and Presentation

After a busy Easter working on the off The Map Project, our first meeting back we had a presentation on our progress so far. Over Easter the deadlines were met.

Jimi managed to finish maps for all of his modular pieces and Liam completed the LOD set.

James finished texturing his tavern and has the courtyard modelled, he just needs to finish his normal and specular maps, LOD and collision.

Nizaam has finished textures for the entrance and is texturing the bridge and fencing around the area and has made a start on the market stalls.

Liam has put the modular buildings together and imported all assets and textures into and ready for engine and is currently making terrain,water and lighting in engine.

Kat managed to create a low poly boat and concept and create the dock with the surrounding wall.

I focused on creating the smaller assets such as oil lantern,broom,rake,pitchfork,small weeds,hanging baskets, firewood,wall brackets. I textured a balcony for Jimi and have put together buildings from the modular set.

Jimi also managed to create a pretty courtyard around the cathedral with gravestones, grass weeds and tress.

We quickly presented our level to the rest of the class and the tutors to show our progress and also if anyone had any critiques or advice for us to work with.

Liam managed to get my lantern to glow and created some nice lighting and fog effects with contrasting lighting. He worked out how to create mud terrain over the cobble texture with water puddles spread around. Here are some Banging screenshots of that level he is working on.

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