Thursday, 25 April 2013

Posters and fliers

I got to do some posters and flyers. The thought was that they'll break up the walls and add some life into the scene.

Persuasive advertisement posters as we know them today did not appear until like the 1800's. The advertisement they would've had would be informative, and probably mostly existed in text. Nevertheless we did a couple of images, it's more entertaining. They had the technology to print etching-style images like these  so it's not too far fetched.

It's been massive fun both researching and doing them. I wanted them to seem funny and a bit bizarre, and also contain a tidbit of information about the 17th century mindset. For example, the englishmen knew they ate tomatoes on the continent, but nevertheless thought they were poisonous. I thought that was really funny and wanted to incorporate that into a poster.

After making the above poster I thought it could be cool to make maybe a series of them, hinting at a cynical doctor taking advantage of the plague scare to sell crap and make money. I'd like to put his head on a sign so that he's got his own shop and stuff, it adds some sort of quiet narrative to the scene.

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