Saturday, 27 April 2013

Assets, assets and more assets...

James -

Just thought I'd quickly show what assets I'm working on for this final stretch! Some are now complete and others are in various stages of production soon to be complete.
Most of it is designed to be included in the Bear Tavern's courtyard and should really add character to the space and add to the sense of clutter needed for this public house to look used regularly and interesting. Some assets are designed for multi-use placement around the level.

The Longbow and arrows are there to fit with the stories we discovered
of the Bear having originally housed archery facilities in its courtyard,
significantly adding to its popularity.

The tree is optional because if there if I run out of time we can
use a tree Jimi made for another location.

Optional little house, made using elements from the tavern model.
 Its going to be a tough next few days! All for one and one for all ;)

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