Friday, 22 February 2013

modular buildings everywhere!

In an attempt to make the whole modeling process quicker we've decided to make the majority of the buildings in the level out of separate modular pieces. the intention is that we'll end up with a load of little building pieces that we can just slap together and made some pretty nice buildings with in no time.
a paintover using the initial modular pieces. 
 having had no experience making modular buildings this has been a bit of a case of trial and error. my first attempt above was pretty straight forward to make but when it came to putting the pieces together it was a freaking nightmare. this meant that we had to majorly rethink how we were going to go about making our buildings.

way too many pieces!!
this second attempt went better but raised some other problems. I made each of these pieces so that they all snap together perfectly which will save tones of time assembling them. It's just that I ended up with way too many pieces to work with which will cause problems down the line and might even mean that the buildings will take longer to put together than to make make them.

this is the latest attempt and i think it is a good balance between ease of building and versatility. instead of having so many pieces, each building will have a set frame work and individual panels will be able to be snapped in and out. even though we wont be able to make an unlimited variety of buildings this way it will be much quicker and anything that saves time is a good thing!   

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