Sunday, 24 February 2013

South Gateway/Bridgegate

Located just before the Bridge entrance South gate was a popular area around the bridge full of shops and tradesmen. The south end of the bridge was then used for a somewhat disturbing tradition of displaying heads and limbs of traitors, as it took the place of the original Traitors Gate.

I took a few images and etchings of the gateway and came up with a final design. In some of the drawing the building looks entirely stone, in others I could see wood materials. I made sure I modeled this 12m wide as we researched this was the bridge entrance width. I spoke with Nizaam who's making the bridge entrance and we worked out how we could make our models in harmony with each other when it came to design and scale. I kept it at 18m tall and 20m wide. 

 We want to include our heads on pikes dipped in tar as a finishing touch. I uploaded my mortal engines head to test that out, pretty gruesome. Once I tweak the model I'm going to unwrap and texture this by the end of the week. With any luck I can gather some more reference on the signs that were above the archway entrance.

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