Sunday, 10 February 2013

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

3ds max
 –Modelling unwrapping
-texturing, other maps
-high level detail
-Map generating
-Map Generating
- Level Creation

Technical limitations
Officially there is no budget for the project only that The main technical outcome will be to have a fully textured and lit version of you level running at least 25 hertz (25 frames per second).
As a rough budget and judging on the asset list created, we decided to have a rough estimate tri limit.
For small assets- 512x512 or equivalent
Diffuse, Specular,   Normal’s
For larger assets- 2x 1024x1024 or equivalent
Diffuse, Specular, AO,
512x512 for Normal maps.

Tri limit
Large assets
Modular House’s- 10 000
Gateway-15 000
Tavern- 15 000
Church- 20 000
Bridge entrance- 20 000
Small assets-1-2000
Group roles
Technical Art Lead the artist who knows how to get the level and objects working in your chosen engine technology. Blocks out the initial layout. Produces the Technical Specification so the rest of the team can import assets and levels into the game engine.
Kat and James
Art Director the artist who has determined the look and feel of the environment and has the overall view of how the environment should look, and keeps the art style between a team of different artists consistent.
Producer Will need to break down all of the tasks that are needed to be done in order for the final goal to be achieved. The producer will need to make sure backups are made and that you create a weekly build so that the level can be shown tested and progress noted.
Heidi, Kat, Jimmi, Nizaam, Liam and James
Artists all the above roles will also include art production. The rest of the artists will have to take responsibility for their personal schedules and make sure you support the Producer. It would be an idea for the artists to have responsibility for areas such as lighting, mesh and asset creation as well as texturing.

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