Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Today's minutes- Everybody was present 19/02/13

Today we had the opportunity to showcase our work in progress that naturally we were nervous about. We wanted to talk mainly about

-Research and reference
-Trip to London and mapped off area
-Final layout
-Challenges to overcome
-Modelling approaches.

I think we got across what we needed to say but obviously didn't include everything we'd done as we thought it was a quick fly through which I think was misunderstood a little.

After the presentation and observing the other groups progression, we got together to discuss the project further. We're very confident in our layout as we've done a lot of research into the actual tavern that was on the corner and have a blueprint of the southern gateway and so on.

So this week from now we're currently finalising concepts. For the larger assets that we're going to tackle this first with Jimmi making the smaller modular pieces for the houses. Liam has made a solid accurate layout-plan that he's going to build with the help of Jimmi to put into engine and hopefully we can do a fly through by Thursday  The rest of us are focusing on the strong focal points in our scene such as the church,gateway,bridge entrance, the tavern. Once we have each done our ortho's we can start modelling by Thursday. If everything goes to plan.. Everything WILL go to plan.

To do by Thursday:
Liam- final white-box into Cryengine
Kat- Cathedral/church
James-The bear inn tavern
Nizaam-London bridge entrance
Heidi- Bridge-gate/traitors gateway
Jimmi-Modular houses

If everyone co operates, by Thursday we'll be able to make progress and model the assets assigned to everyone Thursday-Monday

Thursday-Monday- Model assets using concepts to scale.

 With everyone busy and feeling they are a part of the project no matter what role I think we can really push this and make it look awful- in a good way. Awfully good.

Great ref of bridge gate

I managed to get down to Leicester this weekend hoping to go to the guild hall but it was full with an exhibition on I still managed to get a load of reference for modelling and textures to go by.

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