Thursday, 21 February 2013

Southwark Cathedral

I volunteered to work on the church in our scene. I am really enjoying it, despite the fact that I really underestimated the task. Looking at etchings we sort of got the impression it was just quite little, but then it turns out its tower is 50 metres tall. When we realised how big it actually was, we had to change the layout of the level a little to fit it in, and we had to re-evaluate how big the buildings surrounding it are and rescale them, but it looks really neat now and Liam did a real good job working round it.

Southwark cathedral was a priory at the beginning of the 1600s, then became a church when the priory was dissolved, and then it became a cathedral in 1905, or something like that. The details've changed quite a lot but the basic shape remains the same. Like the roof fell in at some point, which is pretty funny really.

The cathedral has a lot of potential for exploration, like there's this court where we could put something cool.

Here are some progress renders!

I don't think modelling this will be as time consuming as I thought at first. A lot of the details can be repeated and rescaled and reshaped. Cool beans.

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