Thursday, 21 February 2013


So I have been working on the final White box that is to be into engine at the moment and its been a real pain at times but its going really well. Today we encountered a few problems. Mostly related to the layout of the map that i had created because i had to wing it in certain areas due to the distinct lack of solid reference from the tonnes of maps and etchings we had. A few other problems though that i managed to overcome. Kat made the Cathedral or Church that was situated in the centre of our layout. We thought Originally whilst Looking at etchings it was just relatively small, but then it turns out its tower is 50 metres tall. It was a little priory but in the early 1600's but it was converted into a fully functioning church/cathedral so it completely blew the original layout out of the water when we realised how big it actually was. I had to change the layout of the level in places for it to fit in, and we had to work closely with the etching the image to work out how big the buildings are surrounding it are and rescale them.

We encountered a few smaller problems with the size of the archway and houses on the bridge, but we quickly over came these problems with some common sense.

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