Saturday, 23 February 2013

Whitebox problems and overcoming them

So after spending the entire day sitting and waiting for STL checks to work and flicking through multiple posts on the Crydev forums trying to figure out why our whitebox wont export, I finally found out the source of our problem from Ben in the 3rd year. The problems all stem to the original model Jimi made just to test out the modular capabilities. Now this is in no way a post about directing the blame to him, we hadn't intended for the Models to be used in the final whitebox anyway. The problem was that the models had a few double faces and multiple verts so of course when i duplicated them to make the whitebox, i duplicated the errors and thus we have far to many to combat. Me and Jimi have spoke and he is going to create a final modular set and create 5 preset buildings for me. This will make it easier for me to move them around and get a similar feel to the current whitebox.

So just to give you a feel of how im going to overcome this. Heres a little image of the work process.

Import each building into cryengine seperately.
Duplicate, rescale and reposition.
Arrange into layout. 

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