Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Rough Idea Generation

After some discussion about the area,style,look and feel of what we're aiming to re create with the Off the map project we pretty much decided on the area around South Gate of London bridge. We realise that this is probably a rather popular area and there's little but more than most reference for this particular area around the gateway. We found this to be the most interesting and a varied area with the narrow closed in bridge to the gateway leading into the shops near the boat dock.  

Some plans of different possibilities of routes by Jimi

After a group discussion of the kind of glum and dull atmosphere that 17th century London was at the time of the great plague where almost a third of the population were wiped out by he disease. From what I gather this was a rotten smelly disorganised and just generally a chaotic time for the main city.

Concepts by Jimi  

Visiting the Great British Library today was exciting as we got to refer to the real maps from the 17th century to gather some more information about our chosen area. We found out that they used to stick decapitated enemies head onto the Gateway, things like that can add a lot of character into a scene that's going to look relevantly empty without a substantial amount of people around to populate it.

We are all super excited about where this project is going and hope to create a white-box version of the area in Cryengine shortly.

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