Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Today's Minutes 13/02/2013

Today All members were present.

Since our initial meeting from last week we have created a Dropbox account for everyone's idea generation, bash kit's, white-boxes and any other documented planning can go into so we can all share each others workflow. We all set up an account in Crydev and downloaded Cryengine. We have a solid area around the South gateway to work from, made plans from the maps and began visualising the atmosphere and mood with some paintings. So far so good, now we need to push to the next stage with the confidence we have in our planning and concepting.

Agenda of today's meeting

-Make sure everyone is clear on our final Scene.

-Work together to reference particular areas that we are unsure of.

-Assign everyone to tasks that they can complete by Monday:

Jimmi- Official Level Layout plan,concept painting

Kat- Laying out presentation, concept painting

Liam- Asset list, Level layout, concept painting

Nizaam -Colour schemes and mood boards for presentation, concept painting

James- Concept painting

Heidi- White box area and put into engine. Keep up with blog and design document, plan Presentation. Concept painting.

Topics discussed today include the size of the area we're going to highly detail and our Realistic end goal, essentially quality not quantity. We also had a brief discussion of the areas we would ideally make Low level detail. We were worried about the lack of reference there was for London bridge on the inside as we'd have to use our imagination on the buildings and the entrance to the bridge.

Overall today's meeting has been extremely useful tasks have been set for everyone to do by Monday and our idea is strong to go by. Making sure we're  prepared for Tuesdays presentation is a main priority at the moment as we can finally move on afterwards and begin to finalise concepts, assign assets and get this show on the road..

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